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JMI Construction Inc. is dedicated to delivering a quality work to our clients. We have had the honor and privilege of being recognized for our projects and services. We have built our reputation on trust, responsibility, integrity, and a passion for construction.

Burger King 20/20 Remodeling

Burger King 20/20 external and internal remodeling by JMI Construction Inc. Contemporary futuristic dining room foundation redesign, electrical, plumbing, siding, metal roofing, tiling and painting.

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“My family is ever grateful to JMI for restoring and remodeling our home. It is a delight to have them work on your project. Amy H.”

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall: some retaining walls are made of wood, blocks, stone or a simple structure but ours are made to withhold soil that would sink away from the foundation to damage the surrounding landscape so they must be specifically engineered to withstand a consistent enforcement of gravity.  For example, these can be comfortable places to get together at, hold a party or dinner in your back yard or sit upon for talking or just enjoying the view but these walls can also provide sloped areas to guide water spillage, hillside erosion near a highway for example, or to support an uphill soil foundation needing enhancement.

JMI Construction I Beam Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall commonly used concrete, bricks and interlocking blocks, stacked flat stone, and/or wood make an absolutely beautiful addition to any landscape project which is only one of the many reasons why we are so successful here at JMI Construction and Engineering in Los Angeles.  Sometimes it’s about maybe 15$ per square foot for a wooden retaining wall while it may be 20$ for concrete or an interlocking block type of wall or perhaps you may want a more natural looking stone structure for around 25$, but every job is different and the price depends on many different things which is why we suggest a free quote before you do anything else.

Also it’s important to know how to plan for and place rebar properly to support or prevent damage to the structure of the connected parts.

Retaining Wall: the first part is the schedule of the work and planning for the placement of parts and the fabrication itself.  Different rebar for different projects will require different shapes and sizes necessary for your specific project, whether its hairpins, masonry dowels, corner bars, or stirrups, etc…we need to plan ahead.  We also need to decide whether to install the rebars before or after some of the concrete is poured and the time of the day is also part of that decision.  Some Retaining Wall items come pretreated, some ground or foundation may shift with time or weather depending on your location and climate, and sometimes the building which it might be attached to is definitely a crucial part of the initial quote and planning phase of construction before any work is done.  Then the placement of concrete is usually a second phase intertwined with the placement of rebar after drilling and grading have been completed.

JMI Construction Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall

The grading must be accurate in order to maintain support.  When JMI Construction and Engineering Retaining Wall does its job we are concerned with accuracy, attention to detail, function and structure, finances, time, location, preparation, planning ahead for long term effects, to name a few because the better the quality of our productivity for our clients then the better our clients will be satisfied leading to good word of mouth advertisement which is our goal, reputation is very important in any business as you can see it will lead to future business and expansion of JMI Construction and Engineering.

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“Working with Steve was a very smooth process. He and his crews were able to start right away. They finished on-time and on-budget with high-quality work. I’d recommend these guys to anyone looking to get great work done at a great price. John W.”


Retaining Wall: everything we do from demolition of the location to grading, then drilling if necessary, the placement of pils and rebar, placement of concrete, is carefully inspected and planned ahead wherever we work in the Greater Los Angeles Area not because we are just General Contractors but because we are Builders, Specialists who have many years of experience combined to serve you the best and highest quality productivity we possibly can serve.  Just tell us what you want, what you need and we will provide it for you, JMI Construction and Engineering has a reputation you can trust, people you can really talk to, and productivity you can truly appreciate, call us and let us give you a quote to show you what we can do, we’d love to hear from you.

Los Angeles General Contractor Builder

JMI Construction General Contractor Builder

Who are we?

We are JMI Construction, a licensed Los Angeles general contractor and remodeling specialist, serving the needs of the California home builder or California commercial builder in the greater Los Angeles (LA) area.

We offer new home construction, commercial construction, remodeling, and luxury home design. See us today for all your LA home builder needs!

JMI Construction Old House Restoration

New Home Construction

The housing bubble may have burst but there is still lots of room for growth in the greater Los Angeles area. Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Ventura County are among the fastest growing regions in the United States. Growth continues at the peripheries of existing communities in the outermost counties as new job hot spots develop in the suburbs surrounding the city of Los Angeles. JMI Construction can help with your new house construction from planning to all stages of building.

Taking a look at our Old House Restoration work for example by going to: JMI Construction Old House Restoration Photos

Some of the richest communities reside within the Greater Los Angeles area. Realize your dream house with JMI Construction. We specialize in luxury home design. With our architectural team, we will custom design and build the dream house built to your specifications.

Remodeling Contractor

Whether you want to gain that edge to help your house sell in the current market, or you just want to make improvements so you will love your home even more, JMI Construction is the right LA remodeling contractor for you. Let our remodeling specialists help you with your projects, big or small, simple or complex. Or just consult with our experts to discuss all possible options for remodeling projects. Stuck on an idea? Let JMI Construction help you out!

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“We were already recommending JMI Construction before they even finished. They did such an amazing job getting us through the process. It’s so important for a contractor to communicate and respond to questions and Steve did that. Thanks guys! Michael T.”

Commercial Construction

Have plans for a large office building or structure? Let Los Angeles General Contractor Builder JMI Construction’s team of experienced builders help. We can help you sort out all the California commercial builder codes and zoning laws, especially when building in the urban or downtown areas. If permits are needed, we will let you know what needs to be approved prior to building.

JMI Construction Commercial Construction

Los Angeles General Contractor Builder

Trust JMI Construction to all your new house construction or commercial construction needs. We are a local Los Angeles general contractor so you can trust us to understand the local architecture and styles. Feel free to stop by or contact us with any questions, concerns or ideas for your house construction or remodeling projects.


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